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Pergoflex between posts, with white canvas and structure.



Pergoflex is a flat roofed, powder coated aluminium structure, perfect for use in outdoor environments. It comes with a retractable roof in either Acrylic or PVC canvass. In rain, the canvass hangs in loops, channeling rainwater to the perimeter, increasing the general functionality of the structure. This is a light structure and is very easy to install in different configurations.

Materials, colors and dimensions


Materials: Opaque Buram fabric. Other fabrics to consult.

Colors: White, ivory, beige, pearl, black. Other colors to consult.


Materials: Aluminium

Lacquered colors for structure:

Standard color: White 9016. Choice of finishes and colors from the RAL chart on request.


*Other measures under project.


  • Aluminium main structure and polycarbonate roof.
  • Stainless steel screws and fasteners.
  • It can cover up to 64 m², with 2 modules.
  • Roof inclination of 0% (flat).
  • Side drainage.
  • Wind resistant up to at least Force 6 on the Beaufort Scale, depending on the size of the structure. Designed to withstand inclement weather conditions, except for snow, where the maximum load will be determined by 
  • Manual operation is possible or alternatively electric motor driven with the same motor as Pergoflex MEGA



       Extended canvass:                                                                                                                               Retracted canvass:



The Structural System is a structural support system designed to improve the functionality of Pergostar Romano. This system allows for the installation to be perpendicular to the wall (opens and closes parallel to the wall) instead of the standard installation (which opens and close perpendicular to the wall).

Technical data

  • Main structure profiles in 6060-T6 aluminum.
  • Stainless steel screws and fasteners.

Types of installation:

   Wall mounted
   Self standing
   Wall to wall   Cantilevers

Structure supported on two or more posts and anchored to a wall or other suitable surface to support the weight of the structure.
Structure supported on 4 or more pillars.Structure supported between two parallel walls.Structure supported by a wall or other surface suitable for supporting the weight of the structure, by means of cantilever arms anchored to it.


From 3 m to 6 mFrom 3 m to 4 m


From 3 m to 6 mFrom 3 m to 4 m


From 3 m to 5.8 m


Simple cantileverDouble cantilever
Projection up to 4.5 mProjection from 4.6 m to 5.8 m

System application examples:

Pergostar Romano wall to wall

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