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Eurosol 3000 Awning

Eurosol 3000 Awning

This awning model is widely established thanks to its excellent benefits and the quality of its finishes. The awning, practical and contemporary, is perfectly integrated into the most varied architectural contexts. It is the most used awning model by neighbourhood communities.

Its technique, simple but robust, and its aesthetic, discreet and modern, make this model a universal version that is widely used for installation on terraces and balconies.

Materials, colors and dimensions



Acrylic 300g/m2 or 360 g/m2




Materials: Aluminium


The maximum line is 600 cm.

The maximum output is 360 cm.

    • Invisible chain arms in stainless steel
    • Adaptable to any type of façade
      • Attachment with side brackets
      • Placement on the front, ceiling or between walls
      • Vertical or horizontal manufacturing
      • Manual or motorised
      • Possibility to adjust the inclination
      • Inclination from 0º to 90º

        • Cover
        • Motorised
          • Remote control
          • Sun/wind sensor
          • Lighting
          • Heating and audio
          • Adjustable flap

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