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Toldo eurosol 3020 en terraza de chalé con piscina

Eurosol 3020-M Awning

Eurosol 3020-M Awning

A compact, practical and robust awning. The awning, manufactured with the monobloc bearing beam system, allows surfaces of up to 45m² to be covered without cumbersome fastening equipment. With this system, the awning easily overcomes the difficulties that are sometimes presented in some installations, especially in high or windy areas. 

The various options that can be installed make this model an awning of maximum comfort.

Materials, colors and dimensions



Acrylic 300g/m2 or 360 g/m2




Materials: Aluminium


The maximum line is 1100 cm.

The maximum output is 410 cm.

    • Manual opening with a white lacquered steel handle
    • Frontal or ceiling placement
      • Invisible chain arms in stainless steel
      • Monobloc system

      • Optional electric motor
      • Remote control
        • Weather sensors
        • Adjustable flap
        • Lighting
        • Electric heaters
        • Audio
        • Profile for protecting the fabric

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