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Cortina z711 vertical en estructura en jardín

Z-711 Blinds

Z-711 Blinds

Vertical blinds with the innovative so-called zip system to perfectly close the canvas on the side guide and a constant treatment of the fabric on the interior of the guide even though they are large. These blinds are ideal for application in both indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring an exceptional wind resistance, a perfect acoustic and thermal insulation, allowing complete obscuration: all while maintaining a small size as an advantage of its functionality and elegance.

Materiales, colores y dimensiones


Material: Opaque or filtered textures, soltis, screen

Colour: choose from the wide range in the collection of samples


Material: Aluminium

Colour: standard white RAL 9010, anodised silver. Please consult for other colours

    • With tube of 78 Ø, width from 100cm to 400 cm and a maximum height of 400cm
    • With tube of 85 Ø, width from 400 cm to 500 cm and a maximum height of 400 cm

        • Attachment on the front, ceiling and between walls
        • Motorised
        • PVC anti-drip joint on the loading profile

          • Motor with built-in radio receiver
          • Motor with electronic limit switch
            • Remote control
            • Tubular bracket for the ceiling

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