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Digital printing and screen printing

Digital printing and screen printing

At IASO, we combine advanced technology and creative touch to personalize fabric prints, bringing our customers' visions to life. Our screen and digital printing techniques allow us to offer tailor-made, flexible, and efficient solutions with our products.

With screen printing, we provide durable, high-volume prints that stand out for their vibrant colors and exceptional coverage, perfect for corporate designs, special events, and merchandising. On the other hand, our digital printing is the ideal choice for highly detailed designs and smaller quantity orders, allowing full customization without the need for large print runs, which is perfect for creative and exclusive projects.

Our passion is to work closely with our clients, deeply understanding their desires and transforming them into textile realities that represent their brand and delight their audience. Every stage of the process, from the choice of materials to the completion of printing, is carefully monitored to ensure the highest quality and fulfillment of expectations.

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