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Nian pergola in a hotel pool.



The Prestige Nian pergola has a bespoke, retractable roof system, specifically and carefully designed with great attention to detail. This provides the user with a structure that is not only truly functional, but also exhibiting an aesthetically pleasing elegance.

Materials, colors and dimensions


Materials: Opaque Buram fabric. Other fabrics to consult.

Colors: White, ivory, beige, pearl, black. Other colors to consult.


Materials: Aluminium

Lacquered colors for structure:

Standard color: White 9016. Choice of finishes and colors from the RAL chart on request.


Maximum line: 13 m

Maximum output: 8 m

Guides: 145x70 mm


  • Pergola with fully automated, motorized retractable canvas rooF.
  • Pitched/inclined roof system.
  • Aluminium structural frame and roof.
  • Covers up to 120 m².
  • Wind resistant up to Force 11 on the Beaufort Scale, depending on the size of the structure. Designed to withstand all inclement weather conditions, except for snow, where the maximum load will be determined by the projection of the structure.
  • Fitted with rain resistant profiles and gaskets, as well as a gutter system to avoid leaks in rainy weather.
  • Under-roof as well as perimeter LED lighting systems with independent circuitry.


  • Wall mounted. Maximum width: 13 metres. Maximum Projection: 8 metres.
  • Cantilever. Maximum width: 13 metres. Maximum Projection: 5 metres.
  • Wall to wall. Maximum width: 13 metres. Maximum Projection: 8 metres.
  • Self-supporting. Maximum width: 13 metres. Maximum Projection: 8 metres. 
  • Double self-supporting.  Maximum width: 13 metres. Maximum Projection: 16 metres.

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