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Aerial view of the ETFE bucket

Center Parcs - Domaine les Trois Forêts

Hattigny (Moselle)

Center Parcs - Domaine les Trois Forêts


Center Parcs Extension. Construction of a spa.


Hattigny (Moselle)


548 M²






22m x 36m (whole deck)






Covers and Façades in ETFE cushion


Thematic parks

Description Center Parcs - Domaine les Trois Forêts

This project consists in the construction of a new building on the grounds of the Center Parcs holiday centre in the department of Moselle in France.

This new building contains the spa with several pools and treatment areas, and allows the centre to broaden its offer of services.

Together with the wooden structure and the tropical decoration of the interior, the roof in ETFE cushions takes centre stage with its transparency, letting in light to harmonise the space's ambiance.

A total of 19 quadruple-laminate ETFE cushions are arranged to form a semi-circle, bordered at the centre by vents which aid the correct ventilation and temperature control of the space.

This configuration covers a total area of 540 m².

Technical Base

This installation has been carried out using IASO's standardised AVIS TECHNIQUE system for ETFE cushions.

The ETFE cushions have 4 layers, the upper layer screen printed with a silver dots design, with the aim of improving the thermal and acoustic comfort of the interior without losing the transparency characteristic of this solution.

A number of vents have been installed in the top part of the roof to contribute to the ventilation and temperature control of the space. These vents are grouped into three sectors, operated manually from a distance, or automatically in accordance with the indoor temperature.

The perimeter of the roof is bordered by aluminium flashings and a sealing membrane integrated into the roof profiles. This keeps the roof both airtight and watertight.

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