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Entrance to the Pathé Cinemas

Pathé Cinema

Massy, Francia

Pathé Cinema


Lining of the emergency exit from the PATHÉ cinemas to convert it into a large lamp that emits diffused light.




Lámina ETFE


Massy, Francia


740 m² de lámina de ETFE + 700 m² de membrana






7m x 7m approx. and 30m high + 3m x 3m approx. and 13m high






Tensile structures



Description Pathé Cinema

The architect designed the building in the form of a slim prism that integrates the emergency exit from the cinema rooms. This totem with a varying square cross section and a height of 30 m has a translucent backlit exterior skin. This gives the image of a large lamp lit with a range of colours thanks to the system of RGB LEDs. The lower part of the totem ends with a stainless steel mesh. The cover is a translucent matte ETFE membrane on the exterior, an air chamber containing the lights and a white PES/PVC membrane on the inside. This last textile reflects the light to the outside. A structure 13.6 m high with the same façade type was also built on the corner of the annexed building. 

Technical Base

Building of façades with ETFE membranes, IASO single layer system reinforced with cables. Each façade consists of a single membrane of matte 250 µm Asahi membranes reinforced with steel cables spaced equally every 700 mm. A white opaque Serge Ferrari Precontraint 702 S2 PVC membrane is installed behind these matte ETFE membranes at a distance of 586 mm. LED lights are installed in the air chamber between the two membranes at a distance of 273 mm from the ETFE membrane.  The membranes are equipped with a peripheral joint and are located on the supporting steel structure with a system of continuous aluminium profiles on the periphery. These profiles are fixed with bolts to the panel sheets fixed to the tube of the supporting structure. The PVC membranes are fixed to the steel structure of the totem with a system springs. These membranes are equipped with a peripheral joint. The spiral cables, of AISI 316 stainless steel and 8 mm in diameter, are fixed to the steel structure at their ends. They are fixed on one side by a system of threaded rods that allow the cables to be tensioned. The cables are inserted in the membrane bags. The edges are made watertight with plates 1.5 mm thick fixed to the totem angle pieces. These profiles are of silver coloured anodised aluminium. 

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