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IASO is increasingly committed to the environment

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Colors of the new Green fabric

The new fabric acquired by IASO for its pergolas, awnings and parasols is much healthier and more sustainable. The fabric is Masacril, it’s 100% acrylic, solution dyed and coated with titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2), which cleanse and purify the air through photocatalysis, generating a climate of comfort and well-being.

Pollution control, self-cleaning, elimination of odours, improved air quality, greater sustainability and cost savings. These are the advantages that differentiate this fabric from standard fabrics. In addition, Green fabric saves time, money, water, chemical products and energy.

The purification process begins when UVA rays enter the GREEN fabric, at this moment, oxygen and water vapours are converted into the cleaning agents OH and O2. On the one hand, OH turns back into H2O, after having transformed organic compounds into mineral and gas. On the other hand, O2 reduces one of the most harmful gases in the atmosphere, nitrogen oxide (NOx), into relatively innocuous nitrates. The repetition of this process millions of times over reduces nitrogen oxide levels by 55% and fungi by 66%. At the same time, it increases the cleansing effect by 70%. Thanks to all the above, properties with exterior spaces protected by IASO awnings, pergolas and parasols are completely protected from the penetration of pollution into the interior.

Green increases the health of outdoor spaces, distancing them from the contamination of the city and providing a natural environment for all those who use them.

Know more details: https://www.iasoglobal.com/en-ES/product/green-fabric

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