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IASO visits the facilities of Sauleda S.A.

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Assembly of images of fabrics and canvas Sauleda

In order to gain closer knowledge of the materials we use in our sun protection products, the IASO team has visited one of our main textile suppliers, Sauleda S.A.

Sauleda S.A. is a company founded by Victoriano Sauleda in 1897 with the objective of manufacturing top quality canvases.  Now, in 2019, the company stays true to its values and ideas, specialising in design awnings and outdoor textiles. The textile company is made up of four factories for the production of all its textiles and canvases, destined for the creation of great products. One of the factories is given over exclusively to the manufacture of the thread that will form each canvas, employing nine processes to transform the dyed acrylic mass fibre into thread. To optimise production, the work is done in different sections by colour scale, separating light, medium, dark and white colours.

Once the thread has been created, it is transported to the warp facilities where the warp beams are prepared, each one assigned to a personalised order from a customer. These warp beams are transported to the third factory, where the cloth is woven, finished and prepared for dispatch to the customers. The finishing process consists in washing, ironing and increasing the water resistance of the fabric. The textiles manufactured here are for use in awnings, furniture, curtains, etc.

In the fourth factory, a special fabric is manufactured and then plasticised in the same facilities by coating with PVC. These textiles are used in swimming pools, construction, car manufacture... among other applications.

In 1997, the Sauleda family opened a textile museum to remind us of the origins of this industrial sector, because, as Mr. Sauleda himself says, “to know where we are going, we need to know where we come from”. Distaffs, looms and textiles from bygone eras.... A collection of antique objects from the textile field which aims to let the visitor see the origins and the development of the world of textiles in general and of the family saga in particular.

An enriching visit for the whole IASO team, about which we wish to continue to learn so that we can pass the product on to the customers with the greatest knowledge possible.  

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