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The market of Sant Antoni is to be equipped with technical solutions care of IASO

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IASO won the competition for the installation of pergolas for stalls at the Sant Antoni Market in Barcelona, ahead of important European manufacturers such as Renson, Brustor or Corradi.  The technical solution proposed by IASO was the winner of the contest. 

The largest municipal market in Barcelona will be reborn, becoming the most modern market in the city but without losing its original 1882 identity.

89 pergolas will be installed for all the stalls on the market, encompassing the 2,062m² of the four streets that surround the Sant Antoni market: Urgell, Tamarit, Manso and Comte Borrell. The technical solution provided by IASO is the integrated channelling of rain water and downpipes inside the pillars of the galvanized steel structure. The roofs will be fixed, adjustable or retractable slats depending on the area in which the pergola is located. In the case of retractable slats, the mechanism for opening and closing the slats can be activated via radio, centrally from the market, so that the stalls do not block the view. In addition, it will close automatically in case of rain. All the stalls will be protected from the wind and rain thanks to the installation of vertical manual curtains that will descend from the ceiling of the structure. The pergolas will be complemented with two types of white lighting, the Sunday market and the night market.

This is one of the largest projects carried out by the Outdoor Solutions division of IASO. The reform of the market will represent an emblematic work for Barcelona, taking advantage of the fact that the City Council is promoting the rehabilitation of the city's markets as another tourist attraction.

The project will be carried out in five phases and the first phase is projected to be completed on March 12, which will see Tamarit Street covered. On May 2, the market will be inaugurated by the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau.

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