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Piscinas estanque para piscicultura en edificio

Fish Farming Pool

Fish Farming Pool

Special pools with customised features for the required activity. The project can be left open to include the incorporation of drains, inlets or large diameter rigid connections, as well as mesh compartments, light filtering caps, etc.

They are manufactured completely made-to-measure. They are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble in order to change location or expand, as they do not require any prior ground preparation and are installed without floor moorings or fasteners.

IASO has developed a large range of useful modular structures to create pools with different conditions. They can be selected depending on the use, depth, resistance, size, cost...

An important objective is to be able to easily install or remove the pool in order to install it somewhere else.

The lightweight anodised aluminium structures are easy to transport and move. With a fast and guaranteed replacement of components in the event that they are lost or become damaged, and they can be used to change or expand the pool. They can be installed without any special preparations to the ground, only having to slightly level it depending on the measurements. No type of floor fastening. For the assembly, the modular structures do not require any specialised staff or tools.

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