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Self-supporting structure moncayo in parking

Moncayo Structure

Moncayo Structure

This modular detachable structure for parking is an attractive and economic way to solve all parking problems.

The design of the structure, its exclusive fabric, its range of colours and long duration without maintenance make this model a very profitable investment. It is ideal for car dealerships, car washes, camping sites, private spaces, public areas, sports facilities, etc.

Materials, colors and dimensions


Materials: PVC or polyethylene grid

Colours: Colours to be chosen according to the collection of samples


Materials: White structure in lacquered steel

Colours: White. Please consult for other colours

    • Two vehicles: 5m x 5m
    • Three vehicles: 7.50m x 5m

      • Metal structure formed by circular section pillars and arches
      • Mooring directly on to the concrete or isolated footings at each base plate

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