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Cubierta ETFE transparente circular en centro comercial El tiro

El Tiro Shopping Centre


El Tiro Shopping Centre






524 m²




Aleman Arquitectos




Covers and Façades in ETFE cushion


Comercial centre

Description El Tiro Shopping Centre

In the great square where the two main axes of the commercial space converge the dome of more than 25 m diameter appears. The spectacular geometry of the metal structure decomposes the skylight in 24 triangular cushions. The double-sheet printed cushions protect from solar radiation, while having a very high visible light pass through.

Technical Base

ETFE double-sheet cushions of 250 μm printed / 250 μm printed

IASO puffy cushion system
It is constructed with two or more closed ETFE laminates in its perimeter and supported with a perimeter anchorage system. Requires an air inflation system in low humidity and at low pressure (250 Pa), which is produced by a unit consisting of fans and air distribution ducts.
IASO solar control system cushions, which by movable intermediate layers and with an upper layer and printed intermediate to modify the passage of light and solar radiation.

What is its dimension?
Normally the circular or square geometry cushions have maximum dimensions of 7.5 m and rectangular cushions should not exceed 4.5 m. The cushion length can reach 40 m. The dimensions can be increased by introducing reinforcement with mesh wire or other materials.

What anchoring system is used?
The cushions are set at the perimeter contour through a system of extruded aluminium profiles. The air tightness of the system is ensured by rubber gaskets. 

What are its design possibilities?
Applications with ETFE sheets allow for unique and imaginative shapes in coverings as well as facades. It enables making imaginative and unique shapes and geometries. The main support structure must be able to be inspired by the planned design of the ETFE enclosure,
collaborating with it as it were.

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