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Sliding frame enclosures in a private house

Sliding enclosure with frame or without frame

Sliding enclosure with frame or without frame

Installing an enclosure (or glass curtain) helps the air conditioning of spaces. The enclosure will act as a thermal insulating barrier,having air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance. During the winter the sun will heat up the area and in the summer the glass will let the air pass through; in this way you can enjoy your home, porch, business... every day of the year. In addition, the enclosures insulate noise, provide privacy and are a staple for taking advantage of space.

Materials, colors and dimensions




With frame

System of windows and sliding doors with thermal break. It combines aesthetics and functionality with high mechanical and thermal performance.

  • Thermal break made with fibreglass reinforced polyamide rods
  • Tubular sheet structure with a stainless steel alignment bracket
  • Windbreaking brushes with central polyethylene sheet
  • Allows for a glass thickness of 24 mm
  • The frame geometry favours water drainage
  • Base system dimensions: frame 80 mm, sheet 33 mm and central 85 mm
  • Average thickness of structure: 1.5 mm in the frame and 1.6 mm in the sheet

Without frame

Sliding glass door system. Composed of movable panels of laminated glass placed in a sheet and framedin aluminium structures on the top and bottom.

  • Great design versatility. Combinations can be made from 2 to 8 sheets
  • Easy and dry assembly
  • Laminated safety glass composed of two sheets of tempered glass
  • Aluminium imitation wood, lacquered or anodized
  • Maximum measurements of the sheets: 3000 x 1600 mm
  • Thickness of the sheets: 10 mm
  • Maximum weight of each panel: 80 kg

      USES (interior and exterior):

        •      Enclosing terraces, porches, patios, balconies,attics...
        •      Restaurants and businesses
        •      Facades
        •      Extension of dwelling
        •      Environmental divisions
        •      Glazing assembly rooms
        •      Enclosures for pergolas and greenhouses
        •      Windscreens

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