Estrutura tensionada no Alisios Shopping Center


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria



Refurbishment of the scenery in the pedestrianised streets of the Shopping Centre.


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


643,8 m²




Rings North Ø17.3m Rings South Ø13m and Ø18.76m


Garcitecnia, S.L




Tensile structures


Comercial centre


At the Alisios Shopping Centre, a product from our Textile Architecture area has been installed with another from IASO's Outdoor Solutions range. This project aims to create a covered and personalised space on the pedestrianised street of the Alisios Shopping Centre (The Canary Islands). Specifically, the North and South entrances to said Centre.

The main idea has been to create a shaded and coloured space at the broadest parts of the streets, which is where the benches and rest zones are to be found. To this end, three ring-shaped structures have been installed, fixed to the framing by pillars. One Ø17.3 m ring for the north entrance and two more of Ø 13m and Ø18.76 m imposed over each other for the south entrance. All of them have a cable mesh forming squares of approximately 1 metre, for the subsequent installation of the micro-perforated canvases in different colours (white, green, yellow and orange). With this concept, shade is provided to the flow areas with heavy people traffic, and these greyer streets receive a touch of colour.

In addition, 25 printed awnings of the Hercules model, one of the largest awning models in the IASO collection, have been installed. In this case different dimensions have been used depending on the establishment to cover.

Technical Base

The metal structures are constructed out of circular tubes of differing diameter, depending on whether they are for the top ring or for the pillars. Assembly is with joints bolted on site. Two zones are to be covered with two mesh roofs, one of them formed of two superimposed structures that share pillars. The North structure has a height of 8.15 m supported by 4 pillars and a horizontal perimeter frame covering 235.24 m² in total. The South structure has a height of 7 m (for the small ring) and 8 m (for the large ring) supported by 5 pillars and a horizontal perimeter frame covering 374.25 m2 in total. The cable mesh will form a 1 m x 1 m square, and knotted joining pieces will be placed at the crosses. The canvases will be placed inside the holes between the cables and will be fixed to them by springs. The cables will be anchored to the perimeter of the metal structure. The canvas, of FT381 grid type fabric, will be made in squares will perimeter rod and springs.

The Hercules awning has been installed in some shops, designed to be able to cover up to 70 m² in general. The largest installed covers a surface area of 12 x 6 m. It is the most suitable awning for the hotel and restaurant trade because it is strong and resistant, thanks to its mounts, profiles and double-chained arms.

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