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Research on flexible lighting devices by means of deposition techniques

The ROLLING LIGHTS consortium project-Research in flexible lighting devices by means of roll-to-roll deposition techniques for textile architecture has the general objective to provide the field of textile architecture with new technologies to make flexible lighting devices, with features such as ambient lighting, visibility and marketing.

Applications such as marquees, awnings, umbrellas, billboards and tents offer the potential to integrate an electroluminescent function to earn market value from the point of view of marketing, advertising and environmental lighting. The goal of the ROLLING LIGHTS project is to obtain a fabric capable of emitting light and that maintains the inherent properties of textiles (flexibility, softness, comfort, etc.). Currently, there is no market where there is an electroluminescent fabric printed directly with EL technology; therefore, it is a first in the world. Project website. This project is funded by ACC1Ó and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Operational Programme for Catalonia 2007-2013.


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