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SOLERTEX Project: Development of an advanced photovoltaic fabric for exterior solutions and applications

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Solar cells for sunshade plates

NUCLI SOLERTEX is a project which is working on the possibility of incorporating photovoltaic technology into the canvases of parasols.

A consortium of different companies is participating in this project, each making a different contribution. The canvas manufacturer, a technology centre which supplies the photovoltaic technology for the parasols, a company that produces chemicals for the canvases, an electronics firm... In this project, IASO is in charge of carrying out all the manufacture and assembly of the contributions of the other companies.

The SOLERTEX project, with file number RD16-1-0115, has been approved in the 2016 session of the Agència per a la Competitivitat de l’Empresa (ACCIÓ) NUCLIS industrial research and experimental development subsidy programme, cofinanced by the European Union through the Regional Development Fund (ERDF), with the purpose of incentivising industrial research and experimental development activity.

The SOLERTEX project will develop and validate new flexible fabrics (canvases) which incorporate photovoltaic modules (PV) and phase change materials (PCMs) for the manufacture of energetically self-sufficient exterior protection products (parasols, awnings, etc.). The incorporation of the two technologies will increase the energy efficiency of the products manufactured with the canvases. In addition, a management system of the energy produced by the PV module will be developed to supply the functionalities of the product (lighting, smart phone charging, etc.).

IASO, the project coordinator, is manufacturer of sun protection systems for multiple applications. SAULEDA is manufacturer of technical canvases for sun protection and industry solutions. ECOPOL TECH is manufacturer of specialities in the field of fluid polymers for diverse applications.

In addition, LEITAT and IREC collaborate in the consortium by providing the companies with technological value in the scientific and technical fields which require it.

This project is cofinanced by the European Union European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the ERDF Operational Programme in Catalonia 2014-2020.

Image: Solar cells for photovoltaic panels with sunshade canvas.

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