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Cobertor flotante térmico reforzado 415 en piscina privada

Geobubble reinforced solar cover

Geobubble reinforced solar cover

The reinforced cover floats on the water without moorings, it remains embedded on the interior of the pool. They are very easy to manage thanks to their light weight.

A roller eases their handling and storage.

Their insulating quality prevents the loss of heat. Moreover, the solar types increase the water temperature with the action of the sun, lengthening the bathing season in outdoor pools.

Especially suitable for heated pools due to their significant energy savings. All IASO thermal covers meet the requirements of the RITE regulations.

The floating covers protect from falling insects and external pollutions.

Materials, colors and dimensions


Blue (a transparent colour is optional upon request)


Polyethylene sheet with sealed air bubbles and an attached Polyethylene fabric that gives it a greater resistance and duration than the simple 400 microns.

Floating double bubble cover which increases the temperature of the water thanks to its solar action, lengthening the bathing season. A roller eases its handling.


  • Material: Co-extruded polyethylene film
  • Weight: 540 g/m²
  • Film thickness of 400 microns
  • Thickness of the weaved film: 200 um

Solar cover border  

Reinforced border to fold

Border with roller straps 

Intermediate border with a roller strap  

Adaptable roller strap 

Flexible advance float

Rigid float

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