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Cubierta de lamas element con enrollador en piscina

Element slat roller cover

Element slat roller cover

Automatic pool cover with a fixed roller on one side of the pool. The roller is supplied with two white lacquered and anodised aluminium feet with adjustable stainless steel fixing plates which ensure an easy placement on uneven floors, achieving a perfect verticality.

It meets the NPF-308 safety regulation.

Materials, colors and dimensions


Covers made of high resistance PVC or Polycarbonate extruded slats


PVC SLAT: Choose between four colours: white, beige, blue and grey.

POLYCARBONATE SLAT: Choose between four colours: transparent, transparent solar, blue transparent and blue solar.

Covers made of high resistance PVC or Polycarbonate extruded slats which meet the NPF-308 safety regulation. The hollow chamber profiles are sealed at the ends which ensure their buoyancy.

The Polycarbonate slats may be solar, which due to the effect of the sun cause the water to heat up, lengthening the bathing season or saving on heating costs.

We can adapt to any pool measurement.

  • INSULATION: These covers favour thermal insulation and the retention of external pollutions.
  • COMFORT: with 24v and limit switching motors, this type of cover is completely automatic.
  • SAFETY: Optional safety system for children. A set of straps or hooks secure the front in order to prevent children under 5 from accidentally immersing in the water. The slat roller covers meet the NPF-380 safety regulation. They are tested and certified by the L.N.E.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Present man or keystroke control. You may optionally request a remote to be able to control several covers in a single installation.

Motorised Model: Automatic covers with a 24v tubular motor and limit switching regulators. Activated with a three position key switch. Includes the transformer. Possible to have a solar collector or remote control

Manual model: Manually activated by a handle connected to a multiplier machine which eases the operation. Maximum measurements of the cover 20m2

Solar panel

Remote control

Kit for an infinity pool

Safety strap kit

Safety hook kit 

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