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Building with colored i-tensing panels

Sea Colors Alicante

Playa de San Juan (Alicante)

Sea Colors Alicante


Sun protections in blocks Sea colors buildings




Playa de San Juan (Alicante)


478,72 m²




249 m² of panels + 185 m² tensioned strips + 44 m² sails


Grupo Bertolin




Textile façades



Description Sea Colors Alicante

This project aims to create sun protection for the windows of the building. On the one hand, by means of the frames tensioned with the i-Tensing system, the aim is to create a mobile system of panels which allows movement to both protect from and allow the entry of light, depending on the need at any time. On the other hand, the tensioned strips of tarpaulin create a private space, through which light enters. Finally, the tensioned sails generate a relaxed space for resting in the shade.

Technical Base

The i-Tensing frames are formed of a perimeter aluminium frame treated with silver anodising, and tarpaulin tensioned by means of this perimeter profile. The tarpaulin chosen for this project is Soltis 86. These frames are guided by an upper and a lower guide, along which they travel freely so that the panel can be secured in any position along the guide. The tensioned Strips are formed of a supporting structure of square steel tubes, treated with hot-dip galvanisation and lacquered in RAL 1003, to improve protection in a saline environment. The Soltis 86 tarpaulin is tensioned around its perimeter by aluminium profiles. The sails rest on metal pillars, treated with hot-dip galvanisation and lacquered in RAL 9010; around the perimeter, the tarpaulin has a tensioned cable.

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