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Floor reel in a private pool.

Floor Roller

Floor Roller

Rollers ease the collection, movement and storage of floating pool covers. 

The wide range of rollers at IASO cover the personalised needs of every pool, incorporating a manual or motorised handling system.

Based on models with mobile or fixed roller options.

The rollers have a lacquered, anodised and stainless aluminium structure. All screws and axes are stainless steel. The rolling cylinders are either anodised aluminium with a diameter of 85mm up to 165mm, and in stainless steel with a diameter of 129mm up to 406mm, depending on the installation. The motors are tubular and have 24v, and always have limit switches with different powers and IP. Optionally with remote control, batteries and solar collectors for power.

With anodised and lacquered aluminium column brackets, anodised aluminium rolling cylinder. Once the feet have been installed, there is a device which enables you to easily regulate its verticality, adapting to rough or uneven floors, which is common on coping stones. Manual or motorised with limit switches. Maximum load for the 120mm diameter tube is 100m². For a greater load, please make a consultation.

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