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Tensioned structure to cover the Galp canopy


Benavente, España



New image for the Galp petrol stations in Benavente


Benavente, España


130 m²




8 m x 15,7 m




Tensile structures


Infrastructure and equipment

Description GALP MARQUEE

This project implements the new image for the GALP Energy Spain self-service petrol stations, also known as low cost petrol stations. The objective is to attract the user with a powerful and energetic image.

The marquee is composed of a rectangular plan metal structure, total dimensions 8 m x 15.7 m and a maximum canvas height of 5 m. The construction presents a symmetry on both axis and is composed of two main pillars and cables which sustain the canvas.

The membrane is made of a tensile PVC canvas system, creating a shape similar to two inverted conoids. The text “galp & go” is inscribed on both of the longer sides of the membrane, in white on an orange background.

Technical Base

The metal structure is constructed with square section profiles, except for the main pillars, which are in circular section, with joints bolted on site. Both the metal structure and the aluminium profiles present an RAL 7043 traffic grey matte finish. Moreover, cables have been added to reinforce the structure and the membrane at the most critical points.

The PVC membrane is in carrot orange, in line with the company colours, and is made out of a single piece. The upper part is fixed with an aluminium double headline profile, and the bottom part is tensed downwards with the aid of U-bolts. The logo “galp & go” has been added to the sides in white and nearly 1 m high to attract the user's attention.

The electrical installations and rainwater drainage are inside the main pillars of Ø406.4 mm which connect the upper with the lower part. The rainwater collected by the cover is directed to the gutters at the bottom of the canvas, and from there to the PVC drainpipes which are connected to the underground catch basins.

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