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A restyling of CEPSA service stations, making them more efficient and sustainable

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Transparent ETFE cushions with LED light incorporation

The oil company CEPSA is renewing its petrol stations with a new style that is more environmentally friendly. With an avant-garde design, it incorporates  the latest technologies in efficiency and sustainability.

The new CEPSA petrol stations, both those that have already been installed and those awaiting renovation, focus on the flagship model. This style is based on capturing the customer's attention through technological elements and large spaces, making their purchase more of a consumer experience. In addition, they are created from a technological structure that facilitates lighting and water channelling.

IASO is contributing to the restyling project of the service stations with the design, manufacture and installation of inflated ETFE cushions of different dimensions. These are located on the petrol pumps of each of teh company's marquees.

The remodelling has achieved a lighter and translucent type of marquee that allows natural light to pass through while maintaining a light shade thanks to the transparency of the ETFE cushion system and the subtle print on both layers of the ETFE cushions . In addition, each dispenser has its own point of light, 180 LED sections that reduce energy consumption.

The ETFE material the cushions are made of allows imaginative and unique shapes and forms to be created. As a result, a more modern and renewed vision of the simple gas station for refuelling is achieved.

The modernity that is achieved through this renovation sets CEPSA apart from the rest, giving more prestige to the brand and greater value to its service.

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