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Curtain black clausa  in fixed structure

Cortina CLAUSA

Cortina CLAUSA

This vertical roll-up curtain has multiple applications. It is made to measure and is the ideal system for protection from the sun, wind or prying eyes. Due to its design, the Clausa curtain is a discrete model because it virtually goes unnoticed; however, it is very useful. It consists of a drawer to store the fabric and special guides with a zipper system that protects and isolates any space.

Materials, colors and dimensions


  • Materials: Transparent PVC, Soltis 96 , VIP FR , Buram
  • Colours: To choose from the colour chart 


Hadware: Stainless steel

    Materials: Aluminium

    Powder coating colours to structure:

    Basic : white 9016, cream 1015, grey 7035, aluinox, brown 8019, black 9011

    Structural : sable grey 150, sable grey 2800, mars, anthracite C, anthracite S, anthracite N

    Textured : te 9010, te 1015, te 7035, te 7042, te 8019, te 9011


    Maximum line: 400 cm (ask for other measurements)

    Maximum height: 300 cm (ask for other measurements)

    Drawer measurements: 11 x 13 cm

      • Mounting using of side guides
      • Front mounting, on ceilling or between wals 
        • Zipper closure, without a gap between the cavas and the teeth
        • Manual or motorised 
        • Tightens the fabric by 6 cm

          • Optional equipment with fabric mosquito net
          • Mechanization
            • Remote control

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