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Piscina desmontable nemo en terraza

Nemo Pool

Nemo Pool

High range detachable pools for the garden or terrace, very easy to assemble and disassemble without the need for works or licences.

With filtering equipment, accessories and special measures that allow it to be customised.

Materials, colors and dimensions

    • Easy to assemble without the need for any tools
    • Connecting parts for a simple fit which are blocked by the weight of the water
    • Approximate assembly time: between 5 and 10 minutes


  External dimensions

  M/3 approx.


  2,00 x 1,25 x 0,50

  1.15 m3


  2,00 x 2,00 x 0,60

  2.40 m3


  2,50 x 2,50 x 0,60

  3.75 m3

The key to our pools is their liner which is made up of a high tenacity polyester fabric, coated with PVC on both sides. With resistances greater than 220 and 280kg/5cm, depending on the model. Anti-UVA and fungicide treatments which ensure a long anti-tear duration and safety. In the event of an accident it may be repaired or replaced. Full aluminium structure, with anodised aluminium profiles, the joints and connecting parts are in cast aluminium.

All ranges are made up of modular elements which represent simplicity and the easy replacement of possible damaged or lost parts. All structures are sustained after assembling the first two sections, therefore it is easy to continue with the assembly without having to do so on the floor or after the effort of having to lift the entire assembly. The rectangular pools have a strong connecting part on each corner, leaving them firmly closed, so that the pool will stand upright without water. Being closed by the corners also prevents the sides from continuously moving and the danger of accidents inside the corners.

The pools are supplied with very easy assembly instructions.

The evolution methods of IASO pools are subject to continuous technical improvements, physical controls and performance and safety tests, pursuing the basic principles of: simplicity, reliability, aesthetic, duration and after-sales guarantee.

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