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Side folding enclosure in a private house

Side flap closures

Side flap closures

Installing an enclosure (or glass curtain) helps the air conditioning of spaces. The enclosure will act as a thermal insulating barrier, having air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance. During the winter the sun will heat up the area and in the summer the glass will let the air pass through; in this way you can enjoy your home, porch, business... every day of the year. In addition, the enclosures insulate noise, provide privacy and are a staple for takingadvantage of space.

Materials, colors and dimensions






The seal between the glass with rigid plastic with UV protection is virtually unnoticed in sight. This feature makes it the most modern, comfortable and easy to clean system.

  • Maximum height: 3 m
  • Glass thickness: 10 mm
  • Glass colour: colourless, solar protection, screen printing, satin, colours
  • Safety glass: tempered or laminated
  • Aluminium: structural alloy structures with thicknesses up to 4 mm
  • Noise reduction: up to 14 dB


Made of aluminium and with the possibility to be customized in any RAL colour and anodized. They are easy to install, operate and maintain. They are also very quiet and wind and impact resistant.

  • Glass adjustable in height
  • Standard 8 mm tempered glass. Available in laminated, 4 + 4 mm and 5/10/5 mm (double glazing)
  • Works with key (non-motorized) or remote (motorized)
  • When they are in the lowest position, the fixed window acts as a handrail
  • Aluminium side structures: 9x12 cm
  • Top aluminium structure: 12x13 cm

USES (interior and exterior):

  • Enclosing terraces, porches, patios, balconies,attics...
  • Restaurants and businesses
  • Facades
  • Extension of dwelling
  • Environmental divisions
  • Glazing assembly rooms
  • Enclosures for pergolas and greenhouses
  • Windscreens

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