• They allow coverings with a projection of up to 12 m without the need to use intermediate poles and can cover lengths of up to 14 m with only one motor.

  • LED lighting, heaters, electric or manual glass enclosures and roller blinds can be added.

  • These pergolas are meant for all 4 seasons, they stand up to bad weather (rain, wind, etc.).

  • Remote operation of the pergolas through remote control.

  • They are capable of withstanding winds of up to 100 km/h, depending on the type of pergola and the measurements.



  • Roof: The roof covering the mechanism is made of lacquered aluminium profiles to hold the 8 mm polycarbonate sheet. This design gives it clean and aesthetically perfect lines.

  • Anti-rail lapel: Preventing water getting inside. It was designed to accommodate the use of cutting-edge technology to enable the integration of two materials such as PVC and plastic polyurethane. With a double fin design.

  • Canvas: Buram opaque canvas exclusive to IASO. It comes in white, ivory or pearl grey. Also being available in any colour on the VipFR translucent range.

  • Motors: We have three types of motors: Pergostar torque motor, Pergoflex stopper motor and Pergolam telescopic motor.



CLASSIC: Guides always aligned with the poles.

PLUS: Front cannel-beam that allows the poles to be positioned independently of the guides.



  • Poles: Pergola with front pillars and rear wall fixing. It can be simple, double or triple.

  • Between walls: Fixing without pillars. It can be simple, double or triple.

  • Tensioners: Structure fixed to the Wall with tensioners anchored to it. It can be simple, double or triple.

  • Projection up to 4.5 m – one guy

  • Projection from 4.6 m to 5,8 m – double guy

  • Self-supporting: Pergola with pillars and rear door area. It can be simple, double or triple.

  • Self-supporting gable: Pergola with pillar son both sides of the door area. It can be simple, double or triple

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