IASO pergola systems are synonymous with functionality, quality and comfort. We utilise the latest technology, combined with trend-setting design to provide products that will re-invent, and convert any outdoor space into a comfortable, beautiful and functional living area, completely unaffected by the elements. All our pergola models are customizable, with an extensive range of options, and can be personalized to suit the tastes and needs of every customer, maximizing the value and enjoyment of true outdoor living.



Our pergolas are manufactured with innovative systems and technology to facilitate the creation of living spaces that provide a pleasant micro-climate irrespective of prevailing weather conditions.



We are registered and comply with the recognised EU Standards EN – 13561 that specifically regulates the wind resistance of all awnings, pergolas, parasols and similar products within the European Union. All our shade structures have been designed, tested and officially rated to comply with these standards.



The IASO outdoor product ranges are specifically geared to create environmental comfort, and aesthetic appeal and ambiance, whilst utilizing energy saving technology to minimize energy consumption, and maximize functionality.



Utilizes a PVC and plastic polyurethane gasket profile to create an effective barrier against water ingress, even in the presence of strong, wind-driven rain, ensuring that the covered living space remains dry and comfortable.



A protective and aesthetically designed element in the superior design of our structures, the fixed roof panel protects the system electronics and motor. The panel is fixed to custom-made polycarbonate profile to hold the 8mm polycarbonate sheet in place. It is therefore also possible to convert the retractable structure into a conventional fixed roof structure by simply extending the polycarbonate frame and sheets to cover the entire structure.



Designed so that it integrates easily and perfectly with the profiles, facilitating optimal management of the entire structure.



Wide range of canvasses and membranes specifically selected to meet the demands of any market sector, and with full consideration the possible design requirements of our clients in creating their individual outdoor spaces.



  • Classic: For Classic pergolas, the guides (or runners) are always connected to, and supported by a pillar, with separate frontal beam sections connecting pillar-runner combinations. This ensures the rigidity and structural integrity. A separate gutter can then be fitted to the inside of the structure to deal with the dispersement of water.

  • Plus: For Plus pergolas, the solid frontal beam sections of the Classic, are replaced with a single channel beam which serves as both a support beam and a gutter. This allows the pillars to be placed anywhere along the beam, not just in-line with the runners.



  • Wall mounted. The Pergola is anchored to a wall at the back and supported by frontal pillars.
  • Cantilever. Pillar-less and anchored to the wall, supported with single or double braces depending on the length of projection.
  • Wall to wall. Installed between two walls without any support pillars.
  • Self-supporting. Completely freestanding, supported by pillars anchored to the floor.
  • Double self-supporting. Two pergolas, connected back to back with a central beam supported with pillars, and frontal pillars on the perimeter. Completely freestanding



  • Mini. New Mini Guide 76x101 mm.
  • Basic. New Basic Guide of 101x127 mm.
  • Maxi. New Maxi guide of 101x150 mm.
  • Mega. New Mega 127x150 mm guide.
  • Design. Design Guide 127x127 mm with protrusion. It is used with the Pergolam perimeter profile system.



  • Simple The pergola has two guides.
  • Double The pergola has three guides.
  • Triple The pergola has four guides.
  • Simple

  • Double

  • Triple



  • Drain 1 Trapezoidal slack canvass between 2 canvass support tubes drains to one side only on all support tubes between any two runners.
  • Drain 2. Opposing trapezoidal slack canvass between 2 support tubes drains to opposite sides from the centre on all support tubes between any two runners.
  • Prismatic. Alternate trapezoidal slack canvas drains in one direction between 2 support tubes, and then in the opposite direction between the adjacent two support tubes.



  • LED lighting; with solid strips or spotlights.
  • Outdoor Heaters.
  • Outdoor Audio systems.
  • Perimeter enclosures with glass partitions or textile partitions.
  • Clausa drop blinds.
  • Rain and temperature sensors.


  • Lighting with strips.

  • Lighting with spotlight.



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