The Iaso pergolas have been designed to act as cover in any space or place, being adaptable to the chosen medium, with a beautiful and refined aesthetic line.

The functionality of the pergolas is the main premise of its creation, due to its adaptation to be deployed and collected with great ease. The structure of the pergolas has a high quality that allows it to resist all types of external elements, to avoid erosion of the furniture that resides outdoors.

Its integrity is the piece that differentiates it from other types of pergolas, since the design of the versatile cover of each pergola allows it to be incorporated in any type of building with great simplicity, being easy to assemble and later to fit in the surroundings.

The mobile cover that constitutes the style of the pergolas allows it to be established as the necessary protection whenever the user wishes, protecting from the sun, rain and other elements. The design of the pergolas is firm and tenacious, ensuring that the furniture will have a lasting use.

The size can vary according to the needs of the user. The range of Iaso consists of pergolas of different sizes, to fit in any type of space, such as houses, terraces or gardens.

The personalization is another key point, due to the multiple options that the user can establish, designing the pergola to his taste and according to the needs. It is possible to choose the type of closure, lighting, audio or heating wanted, among others options.


Buram fabric canvas is an exclusive formula of Iaso pergolas, which provides an absolute protection against the adverse effects of the weather. The fabric is specially designed to be extended and collected without deterioration. There are also fabrics like the Magic Fr, endowed with a firm composition that prevents the wear of the material. The standard color ranges from white and ivory to pearl grey, and you can choose other shades.


The main element of the structure of the pergolas Iaso is the aluminum, material that endows the pergola with a durable use, being resistant and firm. There are pergolas that are made of different elements like pine wood, having a more natural and rustic aesthetics.
The range of lacquered colors is extensive, varying from the basic and structural style to the textured one, which is composed of all kinds of colors and nuances, and can be chosen by the user. In the case of pine wood structures, we have the natural color and another reduced range of colors, such as brown, walnut, white, gray, among more variants.


There are pergolas with different modules, being able to control the extension and the space that they occupy. Iaso pergolas have different sizes, ranging from small (4.50m x 6m) to larger ones (13m x 12m). The variety in size allows it to be adapted to all types of dimensions, being compatible with both closed and open spaces.


Iaso incorporates to this range all kinds of accessories to personalize the pergolas, improving the operation and comfort of the user.
The lighting can be increased thanks to the LED-TEC technology that improves the intensity. There is also the option of choosing all kinds of automatic closures, with curtain or screen. Another type of improvement that the user can implement are audio system, heating or rain and temperature sensors, thanks to which the space is closed when detecting drizzle and the interior temperature is regulated.

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