The new Iaso’s range offers long durability parasols, with different sizes and materials to adjust to environmental or aesthetic needs.

The design of the parasols line is high quality, resisting external elements without wear or erosion, maintaining the texture. The trend style combines beauty with strength and toughness of the great series parasols. The solid structure and strengthening of which are provided allow to extend its use throughout the year, without using supplies in materials, perceive deterioration in the fabric, and losing service quality or appearance.

Iaso parasols are specially designed for any type of use, condition or environment. Its formula tissue, structure and customization make them a single piece value.


Each parasol fabric incorporates a new genre that filters the sun's rays, allowing a level of translucency pleasant for anyone who uses it without suffering inconvenience caused by sunlight. The combination of various tissues such as acrylic, polyester or PVC, provide Iaso’s series of a strong collection that avoids any deterioration, yet colorful, modern and graceful.


The structure consists mainly of aluminum and steel, to prevent factors like rust or wear, and provide hardness to the base, forming a solid and stable element. Dimensions vary in between the two collections Iaso, choosing between large parasols or smaller. With new cranks incorporating this series, it has facilitated the opening and closing of the neck for added convenience. There are motorized umbrellas to deploy and collect them with great simplicity.


The extensive ability to customize sunshades is something unique in this series, being able to incorporate elements to regulate conditioning air, audio or to modulate integrate lighting rods with LEDS, among others. Also it includes the possibility of screen printing.

Iaso sunshades collection is divided into two main sections, depending on the desired size.

Special Collection

Large sunshades specially designed for large spaces, exceeding the standard measures. The composition is reinforced for greater integrity. They adapt well to any extension thanks to its characteristics, which allow a customizable way equipped to shape its structure to suit the desired location by the user.

The fabric is made up mostly of acrylic, polyester and PVC to withstand any external factor and occupy a large area without diminishing their tenacity.

The bases are formed of various types of steel according to the model, prepared to receive all kinds of stones weight; supporting and remaining fixed withstand structure.

This collection allows complete customization of the parasol according on which is decide to be implemented. The needs of each space are different, so the wide range of accessories complements effectively the necessities.

Small Collection

Sunshades of smaller size and portability made for smaller spaces. The composition is specially designed for easy transport and use.

This collection is ideal to shade and protect from the sun, adapting to smaller areas. The mode of use is simple, sun visors can be deployed in an affordable and simple way.

The fabric is made of acrylic to prevent sunlight transferred, without decreasing its resistance, so they have a long durability.

The structure varies between steel and aluminum, creating a solid base in each sunshade to not deplete its status when used continuously

There is the option of customization in some sunshades and can be equipped with different furniture and even screen printing, depending on the model.

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