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Restaurant terrace with separators PREVENT PRODUCTS AGAINST COVID-19 To avoid spreading the virus among them and thus obtain greater security in bars and restaurants, IASO has manufactured dividers for terraces. In this way, the necessary and regulatory separation between clients is achieved and attempts are made to improve the comfort of the spaces they inhabit. OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS
ILUMINATED SKIRT The illuminated skirt comes with a lightweight and fine LED technology plate inserted into the skirt itself. It`s 24 V transformer allows good light flow, which makes the text or design visible from both short and long distances. OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS
Catalog cover in light blue with a vertical image of a large parasol SPECIAL COLLECTION This collection of umbrellas that stand out due to their performance and variety of models, options and dimensions. Their design and quality meet the demands of professional sectors such as hotels or restaurants. OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS
ADVERTISING PRODUCTS Maximize your corporate identity using an attractive advertising message for your customers. Our printed images on fabrics are guaranteed for durability and quality. OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS
IASO PERGOLAS IASO pergolas are synonymous with functionality, quality and comfort. We follow the latest trends in design and technology to convert any space, whatever its size may be, into a cosy environment. OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS
Front cover catalog with vertical image of a terrace with a screen and umbrellas ACCESSORIES In the Accessories catalogue we intend to show all the complementary options that can be incorporated with our products. Heaters, platforms, screens and enclosures are differential elements capable of converting a space into a unique, exclusive and, above all, comfortable environment. OUTDOOR SOLUTIONS
COVERS For large pools, safety sliders, automatic, with moorings, floating and with reels POOLS
FLOATING AUTOMATIC COVERS Models: element, acces, box and loft POOLS
REMOVABLE POOLS Models: plus, max, nerea, flipper and nemo
Special pools Equipment and water filtration kits and accessories
SAFETY FOR CHILDREN Sliding cover, Transparent protection fence or Flash POOLS
Portada del catálogo en negro con una imagen vertical de un proyecto de arquitectura textil TENSILE STRUCTURES Textile architecture, comprehensive project and technological foundations. Projects in urban spaces, theme parks, hotels, shopping malls, sports facilities, infrastructures and equipment and car parks TEXTILE ARCHITECTURE
Portada del catálogo en negro con imagen vertical de arquitectura transparente ETFE, THE TRANSPARENT ARCHITECTURE The new transparent construction. Technical features and comprehensive planning.
Transparency, freedom of shapes, lightness, luminosity, solar control, integration, design, new applications.
Portada en tres imagenes verticales de estructuras tensadas TENSILE STRUCTURES, TEXTILE AND ETFE FACADES Tensile structures: technological foundations, textile architecture, comprehensive project.
Textile facades: i-tensing, exclusive technology, fabrics, features, creativity and applications.
ETFE: material and applications.

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