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Our commitment to textile architecture began shortly after the establishment of the company; it was enthusiasm for searching for a new concept of different, modern and unprecedented construction that led us to participate in projects such as Allianz Riviera or San Mamés. The continuous development of our engineering department and the implementation of new materials have motivated us to continue researching and specializing in new fields of lightweight architecture.

We understand the project, we make it our own and we provide our vision, knowledge and experience. We coordinate the project with guarantees and quality


We have an engineering department that is in continuous development where people work for innovation, always at the forefront of technology and new materials


We have the facilities, equipment and resources that allow us to manufacture the majority of the components for our projects, a fact that enables fast delivery times


Our team of installers know the technology with which we develop the projects and we are able to travel anywhere in the world


Interior de una estructura tensada con cuatro puntas


Planned and designed by architects, which stand out due to their unique aesthetics, their attractive look and lightness. Due their design, visual continuity is not interrupted and they integrate into any urbane context

Detalle de la fachada textil de la sede iguzzini


A new alternative to traditional materials that stands out due to its efficiency, technical performance, reliability and longevity. It adapts to all needs: new construction, renovation work, additions, all types of structures

Detalle de la fachada ETFE del estadio San mamés


Eye-catching works of great architectural value have give rise to a very strong material that is known as ETFE, which is characterised by its lightweight, high mechanical resistance and high durability


Do you have a project that you would like for us to study together? In the architecture division we have professionals specializing in the creation and implementation of projects. We adapt 100% to your needs and we contribute over 25 years of experience in the sector.

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